Thursday, March 4, 2010

bookcases and home decor

I love books. My favorite weekday date is a trip to the used bookstore. I have several bookcases which are filled with books. If my house is cluttered, the likely cause is a pile of books. When I go to get a book, I get three or four. I purchased a coffee table book one time. Well, actually I bought a book that I liked and the excuse I made to myself was that it would make a good coffee table book. I guess you might say I collect books.

My love of books started when was a child. My mother signed me up for a children's book club and I would receive a book every month. I was too young to wait for and anticipate the next months' book, instead they appeared to me as regular surprises! I was was also too young to be wed to a particular type of book, so it was really quite a smart move on my mother's part. As an adult, my book collection started with a birthday gift of ten dollars. I was living in a new region of the country and I bought a regional cookbook, which is now one of my favorite cookbooks.

I have acquired lovely bookcases, one a handmade bookcase with windowed doors. As a consequence of that bookcase I have considered at an entire style of decorating that I would otherwise have overlooked. The path of life can take lovely twists and turns often leading us to places we had not planned. When I was twenty years old I did not envision my first book purchase to lead to a room of furniture, but the journey and destination have been wonderful!