Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a grand chandelier

In 2003, I saw Northfolk, a Paramount Classic movie.  Inspiration can be found in unexpected places.  This movie is surrealistic.  When watching this movie I saw something I had never seen before - chandeliers hung in austere rooms.  I decided that I needed one for my bedroom, which while not austere, is serene.  It was decorated with the word, unwind, in mind.     

As you can see pictured, there are truly grand chandeliers.  This one is located in what was the Harem, or private quarters, for a Sultan and his family, in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

I now have a chandelier hanging in my bedroom.  It is less extraordinary than the chandelier in Topkapi Palace; however, every time I turn it on, I am delighted!  Sometime, when decorating, follow an inspiration and delight yourself.  If you are truly avid about chandeliers, you can have one custom-made!  Picture by Tyler Hill.  Used with permission. 

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